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How to transport a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are shipped via enclosed carriers and open carriers in order to ensure their safety. Depending on the model they will be strapped down to custom cradles in order to transport them safely without damages. It is always recommended to use a motorcycle transporter to do the transport, especially for long distances. Bikes can also be transported via open carrier, although not recommended it is also an available service. Open carriers are usually used for inoperable bikes that are being transported to sell for parts or bikes that are going to a shop to be restored.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle?

The price varies depending on the motorcycle and collection and drop off addresses. Contact us for a quotation.

Why should I transport my motorcycle with Bikes2Go?

Bikes2Go provides you a personal specialist who will be available to assist you step by step from the quote to reservation until delivery.

We at Bikes2Go have transported over 8815 motorcycles. We are proud of our damage free history which is the best in the industry!

Do I need to drain the fluids in my MC?


Do I need to be present when my motorcycle is picked up or delivered?

Yes and no. We need someone there to sign the Load Sheet. If you can’t be there, make sure you have a friend or relative that can be there in order to sign the load sheet and avoid unnecessary delays. Someone is also required to be present to do a walk-around inspection with the driver. This is to note any damages to the motorcycle before transport. So make sure you arrange for someone to be there if you cannot be.

Do I need to ship the keys with the MC?

No as long as the steering has not been locked or the bike has panniers that need the key for them to be removed.

Do I need to set up a separate insurance policy for transportation?

When you ship a motorcycle with a reliable transporter, insurance is already included on the transportation quote, this covers for the vehicle from point to point for any damage or loss that may occur on the way. Be sure to request proof of insurance while booking to ensure the company you deal with will cover for any mishap.

What if my location is inaccessible to the truck?

Then it is expected of you to get the motorcycle to a more convenient location.


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